Robotic Process Automation mimics human repetitive interactions with the digital systems to perform tasks and trigger error-free responses 24*7. It is a low-risk non-invasive technology that can be overlaid on your existing digital portfolio to automate business workflows with high accuracy and at low cost. RPA will help organizations save 20 – 35% operational expenses, performs tasks at x2 – 20 operational speed with zero manual-errors and maintains the audit trails for central compliance.

Navajna helps you automate business processes and activities like moving data between systems, data updates, data validation, data extraction, periodic report preparation, L1 tech support and automating multi-step complex tasks that require little decision making. Our partnership with Automation Anywhere accelerates your automation journey ranging from OCR to Machine Learning and Process Automation.

Our Approach


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Office Automation


Virtual Assistants


Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)


Office Automation

Organizations have many tedious, repetitive, error-prone, non-judgmental, rule-based back-office workflows.  Navajna helps you implement unattended bots with exception handling capabilities to automate these back-office processes like Document administration of different formats – spreadsheets, word documents, pdfs, emails, attachments; Data migration between systems – custom apps, ERPs, cloud storage, 3rd party apps; Workflow automation – accounts payable, sales invoicing, HR, IT help desk.

Our areas of focus:
  • Desktop Automation
  • Enterprise Automation
  • System Integration Bots
  • Error Handling

Virtual Assistants

Customer requests and organization processes are initiated or conducted via text, chat, email, web or voice-activated interfaces. Virtual Assistants are the powerful intersection of Chatbots &RPA that will understand the intent of these requests and autonomously trigger the workflows. Navajna analyzes your process complexities, dependencies and integrates RPAwith front-office bots, enterprise systems, modern API’s to automate end-end journey processes.

Our areas of focus:
  • Service Bots – FAQ to Complex Interactions
  • Customer Journey Bots
  • Employee Management Bots
  • Workflows + API’s

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Integrating cognitive capabilities and AI with the RPA bots is the next step in the quest for increasing unattended Automation, productivity, agility and efficiency. Navajna adds Sense, Think and Act capabilities to your RPA digital labor to perform intelligent (or) judgmental tasks using computer vision, NLP, supervised, unsupervised, reinforces learning and following complex business rules.

Our areas of focus:
  • RPA + AI
  • Computer Vision / OCR
  • Natural Language Recognition
  • Automation for Unstructured Documents
Are trying to automate time-consuming and mundane day to day operational tasks? We can add automation to your manual complex workflows and drive the task in an unattended way.
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