AutoNEXT is a cloud-based annotation and validation platform Process Management, developed for the community of annotators to quickly and efficiently label your data. We regularly update our tooling suite with new annotation types and features to support complex labelling requirements across the challenging use cases and scenarios you’re solving for.

AutoNEXT enable you to annotate a variety of data types to fulfill your business case.

How does it work?

AutoNEXT makes labelling data easy -Upload data, add your team and annotate custom datasets in hours


Inbuilt Smart tools

With our decade history in data annotation & AI industry, we have designed and embedded many smart tools into the core of our platform to make annotators job easy and label your data accurately at scale.

  • Multi-step labelling>Data shared across teams through dynamic workflow
  • Real-time labelling>Notify annotators and QA experts when a new set is added
  • Collaborations>Each annotator works in a queue collaboratively to avoid rework
  • Master view>Representation based on data type – 2D, 3D, view by class and instance
  • Task Instructions>Show label suggestions, unmarked areas for easy navigation
  • Hotkeys>One-click shortcuts, Custom Class List, Brightness Adjust, View Adjust, Delete & Requeue

Key Features

Our all in one platform provides role-wise features to accelerate annotation maintaining centralized collaboration, governance and security.

  • Access Control>Provides role and grade wise privileges for annotators, QA experts & PM’s
  • API based integration>Integrate with the data sources and applications you already use
  • Central Board View>Organize all jobs in one central place for a single source of truth
  • Reports, Dashboards, KPIs>Visually present tasks like jobs created and objects annotated
  • Assignment management>Prioritize queue and assign data with complete visibility
  • Project Time Tracking>Monitor the project roadmap real-time and stay organized
  • Dynamic Workflow>Custom workflow to match unique project requirements
  • Issue Tracking>Knowledge repository of issues, QC iterations and customer feedback loop
Are you looking for an AI-powered image and video annotation platform that covers a multitude of use cases across many industries? We can help you choose a better tool to label your data.
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