In the age of unremitting technological advancements and escalating business intricacies, keeping up with all the change becomes a challenge. Navajna is a global technology solutions company helping businesses overcome these challenges.

We are an India based technology company providing IT consulting and product engineering solutions to the clients across the globe. With a dedicated team of experts we have been providing solutions to our clients.

We have developed a wide-ranging system of tools and procedures to deliver immediate, innovative and optimum solutions to the clients to help them achieve their targets with perfection.



It is said that when fine minds come together with common purpose and passion, great things are achieved. Something similar happened in 2015 when experts from the various fields came together. With common vision and passion for technology NavAjna started functioning from April 2016.



Leadership Experience

The company stands on strong pillars of leadership experience and expertise. With 18+ years of leadership and management experience some of the largest companies around the globe; we are poised to be the best at what we do.

The vast experience enables us to understand the client’s needs and help them with unique solutions customized to solve specifically their quests.


Leadership’s Delivery Expertise

We have 16+ years of delivery management and outsourcing experience in providing enterprise class quality solutions. The leadership has working experience with more than 25 clients from the fortune 500 list.


Leadership’s Solution Expertise

Navajna understand that time is money. It is due to this fact the company has result oriented delivery management team with more than 15 years of experience in depth expertise in delivering global enterprise solutions. The company is known for delivering high class solutions with cost effective on-off model. The firm makes sure that every client’s issue is entertained and solved thoroughly.


State of Art Solution Centre

Navajna has a state of art solution centre equipped with the latest amenities to host more than 200 consultants and professionals to aid the clients at any given point of time.